Recently I have been going through a number of life adjustments so I thought I would write a blog post and list some top tips of keeping calm and staying positive through some changes that happen throughout life!
So, without further ado, here are my top tips of staying calm if you don’t do well with changes and are prone to panic attacks if things start adjusting slightly.

Keep a routine in place!

It makes you sound like a baby or a toddler, however, when you are going through changes in other aspects of your life such as relationships or work changes then you need to keep some stability in other areas of your life.
Making sure you still have dinner at similar times, looking after yourself and having some ‘you’ time is important especially when other areas of your life are changing and adjusting and changing 🙂

Remind yourself of things that are staying the same. 

When something pretty big is changing, such as changing jobs, anxious people need to remind themselves of things that are staying the same so that you don’t become a puddle of anxious sweat on the floor.
Whenever I felt the anxiety bubbling up a bit, or started to feel a bit panicky about the changes that were coming up, I simply listed things in my head of things that would not change and that really helped me realise that, although it felt like a big change, in the grand scheme of things it was a small change so it was nothing to work myself up over!

List 5 good things about the changes and repeat them daily! 

It is very easy when you have taken the plunge to change something to become scared or nervous, backtrack and end up not changing anything and staying the same. This happens a lot, whether it be big or small changes so don;t feel too disheartened, however, I found that listing 5 good things that would come out of the change really helped to keep me on track and not get overly anxious about the changes that were coming up!
Keeping yourself focussed on why you are changing something and what positive outcomes you will receive is a really good way of keeping you calm, as well as, making you pretty excited rather than anxious about the change!

Have a relaxing hour before bed!

if you have tried to stay focused, think of the positives and be excited and you’re still feeling overly anxious about something that is about to happen then I always like to dedicate an hour of ‘wind down’ time before bed. I tend to leave my phone somewhere else in my flat, turn off any harsh lights and read my book, watch a film and generally put myself in a comfort bubble so I can forget a bit about the world!
Having some chilled time, especially before bed, is a really good way of calming you down and allowing you to start relaxing enough to get some decent sleep. I am a lot more prone to anxiety and panic attacks when I am overly tired so I try and get myself to bed so I get at least 7 hours sleep a night!

Remind yourself that change is not a bad thing! 

Change is actually a good thing, and reminding yourself of this is important to ensure you keep yourself cool, calm and collected throughout any periods of changes! Thinking positive is key to keep your anxiety levels down and prevent panic attacks from occuring!
Simply remind yourself of why you are changing something in your life and what benefits will come of it, this will help you remember that change is a good thing but it just might take you a little time to get used to it! 🙂

So there we go, change is a bit daunting and we naturally want to go backwards and stay within our comfort bubble, however, if you follow these simple steps change can become easier to handle and you can look forward to the changes rather than dreading them like I tend to! 🙂

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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