‘Mini’ Book Haul! <3

As I have mentioned previously I love reading and getting lost in a bookshop is honestly one of my favourite things to do on a Sunday afternoon and then grabbing a nice coffee and losing myself in one of my brand new beautiful books! ❤
So, my family obviously know this about me and kindly gifted me with some money so I could buy some more books to add to my ever expanding collection! This was a very exciting day and so I thought I would share the books I picked up with my birthday funds as well as some books I have picked up recently that you may enjoy too!

There is a mix between fiction, non-fictions and also come nice cookery books I have picked up and I am loving at the moment!
Sit back, grab yourself a cuppa and read all about my new books purchases as well as ones that have stolen my heart already with their blurbs and amazing recipes that are found inside! 🙂

Billy and Me ~ Giovanna Fletcher 

I have read a book by Giovanna previously and absolutely fell in love with her writing style so I just had to pick up her debut novel! I am extremely excited to lose myself in this book, the cover design is so inviting and Giovanna has a beautiful style of writing so I just know I will love it even  before I have opened the front cover!

Always with Love ~ Giovanna Fletcher 

As I have said above, I love Giovanna’s writing style so I couldn’t help but pick up her latest novel Always with Love. Giovanna knows how to bang out a cracking love story with twists and turns to keep you interested throughout your reading experience so this one will be a new favourite, I can just feel it!

1984 ~ George Orwell

Years ago I decided to make a Booket List, essentially a Bucket List but for just books and not crazy things such as bungee jumping (too dangerous) and travelling solo around the world (I would definitely get lost or fall into a manhole so… no), this seemed like a much safer option! I started asking family members, friends and colleagues what books they would recommend and I soon had quite a long list!
This was not a random anecdote, this book ended up on the list thanks to my big sister and so I decided to FINALLY pick it up and add it to my ever expanding pile of unread books… 🙂
I have wanted to read this book for years now, a lot of people studied it in school but I wasn’t so lucky! Plus, I feel I would most like misunderstand a number of things if I had done it at school, which is still a risk now but hey, I will attempt to understand it… or I will just Google it 😉

Alice ~ Christina Henry 

I was wandering through the sci-fi/comic section of the bookshop when I stumbled across this little beauty and got very excited! It is essentially a darker version of the typical Alice in Wonderland story we all know and love. I am very intrigued as to how this has been done and what the story reads like so I cannot wait to delve into this story and see what unfolds!

Me, Me, Me ~ Charlotte Crosby 

Geordie Shore is a guilty pleasure of mine and I have watched it since the first season religiously! Charlotte is without a shadow of a doubt my favourite from the show, she is so funny, carefree and generally naive about life so it makes for extremely entertaining TV! So, when she announced she was coming out with her autobiography I wasn’t sold, I hate celebrity autobiographies as they tend to be rather self righteous and cocky about their fantastic life and how the fell into everything they do… blah. However, when I started reading some reviews I found out that this was not like any other autobiography out there, so I popped out and picked up my own copy.
This book is honestly hilarious, as you can imagine! Charlotte has no boundaries and it comes across in her book just as much as it does in the MTV show! It is really hilarious, very personal and full of ridiculous and shocking stories from her childhood, into her teens and into the world of Geordie Shore and beyond.
If you’re looking for a cheerful and easy read, go and pick this one up. It is definitely worth a read!

Live Fast Lose Weight ~ Charlotte Crosby 

I have Charlotte’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz DVD and so when she announced she was coming oyt with a cookbook to accompany the DVD’s I was pretty happy and automatically pre-ordered a copy! I have made quite a few recipes from this and they have been bloody delicious! I might even do a cooking blog post about a few of them as they are just divine and so easy to make! Yummy yummy yummy! 🙂

Lean in 15 ~ The Body Coach
Lean in 15- The Shape Plan ~ The Body Coach

I was recommended this cookery book from some work colleagues and so I just had to try it out and I do not regret it, the recipes are so simple, the majority can be prepared in advance or even frozen so you can prep your meals for the week easily if that is how you would like to use it!
The recipes are delicious and super easy to follow along with and take very little time to complete which is something I look for in a recipe book so I can eat as quickly as possible! Definately worth picking this one up if you’re looking for easy meals that are super tasty! These books are a great addition to my cookery book collection, love em!

Tanya Bakes ~ Tanya Burr

I have watched Tanya on YouTube for years now and have always loved her videos, be that beauty or baking, so when she announced she was bringing out her own baking recipe book I was excited to say the least! This recipe book is potentially one of the most beautiful ones I have ever owned from the layout to the gorgeous photography that is found throughout it is extremely welcoming and looks so simple and easy to follow along and create some gorgeous baking for the home! This was a perfect addition to my cookery book collection and I am extremely excited to try some recipes soon!

So there we go, as you can see I am pretty addicted to buying new books as these were all added to my ever expanding collection within the past three weeks or so… yep. Books and make-up are my addiction without a doubt!
I hope you enjoyed this post and if you would like to see more like this then give this post a like and I will do book reviews/hauls more often as I am constantly reading or buying books! 🙂

I will talk to you guys soon,

Laura xo

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