Skincare Review: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Hey guys!

As you can see, I finally caved in and tried a micellar water. I know, I know, where the hell have I been for the past two years to have not tried one?! I don’t know, most likely under a rock being skeptical of a water that can remove make-up like some all-knowing beauty troll who hated the hype people were giving this product! Ha!
Alas, I have caved and fallen for the hype so I picked up a travel size of the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. Don’t ask me why I chose Garnier. I simply got drawn to the packaging and thought it was as good as any. Plus it was cheap. Always gonna win over a girl on a budget if the product is cheap and cheerful!

So! If you would like to know my thoughts on this Micellar Water then keep on reading! 🙂


I picked up the travel size of this product so I could do a thorough testing prior to buying the larger one and I can safely say I loved the packaging. The way the bottle is shaped comfortably fits into your hand and the colouring is super cute! You can also see the product inside the bottle which is a huge benefit as you can see how much you have used and when you need to repurchase which is always a benefit!
It was nice and compact, obviously as it was the travel size, but it comfortably fit into my wash bag if I went anywhere and was easy to transport around which is a huge benefit. The larger sizes of this product are similar in the shape of the bottle so I am sure they are just as easy to transport around.


For how good this product is and the ease at which you can remove your make-up in the evenings this product is an absolute steal. I picked up the travel size for £1.99 from Boots and it lasted me a good four weeks considering how small the bottle is at 125ml! You only need a small amount of the water and it goes a hella long way to remove your makeup! With the pricing you really cannot go wrong so if you are on a budget and want to move away from make-up wipes then give this a whirl!


I can’t lie, I was pretty skeptical about micellar water’s before I tried one out, which is why I went for the smaller travel sized option! However, after trying this and seeing the results for myself I hold my hands up and say I was wrong to doubt this product, it really is pretty special!
You simply add some of the water to a cotton pad and wipe away all of your make-up with ease. You don’t need to scrub, pull of stretch your skin around to get the make-up off either. Gentle swipes of the cotton pad removes all traces of you contour, blush and highlight from the day and leaves your skin feeling incredibly clean and refreshed. For the eyes I tend to hold the cotton pad over my eye for a couple of seconds then I can easily remove the eye make-up as well. I am honestly very impressed, if you are skeptical like I was then spend a meager £1.99 and just try it for yourself, it is so much quicker than a make-up wipe and genuinely removes your make-up pretty well.
I won’t say this product is perfect, I do tend to follow it with a cleansing moisturizer and can still remove some excess makeup from the day, however, the vast majority is removed and if you ever feel so tired you don’t want to faff with a cleansing lotion then exfoliation at night then you can easily get away with this as a quick and simple alternative!


Weird things to comment on, however, no one really likes funky smelling skincare products so I thought I would let you know! Ha!
The smell of this product is very nice, it has a subtle sweetness to it which makes it very pleasant to use, no funky smells here guys! 🙂
The consistency is, obviously, similar to water (duh, Laura). It feels very fresh and smooth when it is applied to the skin and doesn’t leave any weird residues or textures behind which is always a benefit in this day and age. Any product that is left behind dries very quickly too so you’re not walking around with a crazy wet face for 10 minutes after removing your make-up 🙂


Overall, I am very happy with this product. It isn’t the most amazing thing out there, but for the price and how long it lasts you it is pretty good for a girl on a budget and works well if you’re after quick and easy make-up removal.
I would buy this product again for travelling purposes so I didn’t have to carry around my more complex skincare products and have an all-in-one as an alternative, and, for days when I am feeling extremely drained and lazy it is good to remove my make-up in a quick and pain-free way! (by pain-free I mean simple, my usual skincare doesn’t hurt, I promise 😉 )

So there you have it, my review of the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I do like this product a lot, and for the price and length of time it takes to remove the make-up it really is a winner for people on a budget or if you want a very quick make-up removal solution for the evenings and haven’t quite found one yet! It is a good product and I will be buying it again, it’s nice to mix up your skincare sometimes, especially if you’re feeling lazy and want a quick fix 😉
Let me know if you have tried this cleansing water before and what your thoughts are in the comments, and if you would like anything else reviewed then let me know and I will be sure to do that! 🙂

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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