Beauty Review: Benefit ‘They’re Real!’ Mascara

I know what you’re all thinking ‘is this girl really doing another review of a beauty product?!’ Well, yes. Yes I am! So here it is!
I recently popped into Boots and picked up a nice sample size of the Benefit They’re Real! Mascara to see what I thought of it before buying the full size product. And I cannot lie, I was absolutely blown away by how good this mascara is. I did not think it was possible to get a mascara that gave me so much volume, length, separation and curl to my lashes with the most intense black, and in all honesty, false eyelash effect like this one does! It is honestly the new love of my life, I am going to buy the full size product as I am officially obsessed and cannot imagine being without this beauty now!
I have recently fallen in love with Benefit products and this one is no different, if you are thinking of trying this one out then pop along and grab one of the smaller sample sizes for around £10 and see what you think. This smaller sample size has lasted me for around three weeks now and I just cannot get enough of it so I know the full size product will last me a long time too! ❤

The packaging of this product is actually really nice, it is a silver tube with orange writing on for the name of the product. It is nice to use and keep in your make-up bag as well as it being nice and compact so it is easy for travelling purposes too!
This product definitely feels luxurious with the metallic packaging and the presentation of the product in a nice box for you, it definitely looks beautiful, all Benefit products do to be fair! 


Applying this mascara is one of the most blissful experiences I have had, which sounds ridiculous, but it truly is. It is so easy to sweep through your lashes, very easy to avoid the product transferring onto the skin and within two or three swipes of the wand you get incredible separation, volume, length and curl. It truly lives up to its reputation of making your eyelashes look very fluttery, and in all honesty, they do look like you’re wearing falsies! Which for me, as a girl who hates wearing false eyelashes, is an absolute dream!
The wand on this mascara is perfect, it has short plastic bristles at the very end of the wand so you can get into the smaller inner lashes and easily apply to your lower and its straight so you can apply to your full set of lashes with ease. Dreamy. Truly dreamy. 


Product Results:
Honestly, I cannot fault this mascara. I genuinely think if I could I would marry it and have a long and happy life together. It is truly unbelievable. The wand makes it so easy and effortless to create volume, length and definition of your lashes as well as easily creating a false lash effect with just a couple of strokes of the wand. This compared to some of my high street favourites just does not compare, it is in a whole other league! 
And, another added bonus, you know how sometimes your mascara can fall down during the day, smudge or go slightly grey looking when it isn’t freshly applied? This gorgeous little thing stays in place and keeps the deep black pigmentation all day long! I am truly, truly in love. If you could marry inanimate objects this one would be my choice ❤ 

When you buy a black mascara you expect it to be black (duh) but this one is honestly blacker than my soul. It is so pigmented and after just one swipe of the wand makes such a huge difference to my lashes, it makes them super defined, black as night and this colouring stays in place all day long and into the night!
Honestly, I apply this mascara at around 7am in the morning, wear it all day at work then take it off at around 7pm (depending what I am doing) and my lashes still look just as good as when I first applied the product in the morning! I was honestly shocked and incredibly impressed with this mascara, I knew there was a lot of hype surrounding it but I didn’t realise how good it would actually be! It is perfection. 

The pricing of this product is obviously more than the average high street brand like Maybelline or Revlon. It prices up to be £19.50, which does sound relatively expensive for a mascara, however, most high street mascaras are around £10 anyway and dry up so quickly and last hardly any time at all. However, as I’ve said I bought the smaller sample size and it has lasted me for three weeks with me using it every single day and for nights out and about on the town and it is still going strong, so I honestly think this is worth the money!If you are working on a budget it may be too expensive, however, if you ever get any extra dolla and want to try this one out then try the sample size. You will be amazed and the value for money is so worth splashing out a bit to treat yourself if you can! 🙂

So there you have it, I am officially in love with a mascara and I am honestly not even ashamed to admit it. I look forward to applying my make-up each morning anyway but now that this little beauty is a part of my life I honestly can’t wait to get up and do my daily routine just to make my eye lashes so long they could stab someone and ensure they are as black as my soul all day long ❤
I adore this mascara and would recommend it to anyone, if you’re wanting a mascara that genuinely works and does what it says it will do then give this one a whirl, I promise you won’t regret it! And if you do regret it… well.. I can’t help you much! Haha! 🙂

Talk soon,

Laura xo



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