Beauty Review: Revlon ColourStay 24 Hour Foundation

Shock, yet another beauty review! But I have been dying to try this foundation out and I am excited to share my views with you guys!
This foundation has been around for a while now, however, I recently picked it up and have been trying it out and it turns out I like it a lot! There are some things that could be better about the product, however, overall I do not hate it which is a win in my eyes!
The one thing that made me quite impressed about this product was the fact you could choose between two options based on your skin type. You could have Dry/Normal or Normal/Oily which is really beneficial to ensure the product lasts for longer on your skin as well as working with your skin type rather than being a ‘one size fits all’ type of product!


Overall the packaging of this product is okay, it is very similar to other foundation products in the fact it has a pump on the top to allow for even dispensing of product. The bottle is slightly smaller than some other foundation bottles which is a benefit for travelling! Overall the packaging is alright, it is just the standard foundation bottle!
The cap of the foundation does get slightly mucky with foundation hands which is a slight annoyance as it is a see through black colour, however, packaging is packaging afterall and as long as you like the product inside it doesn’t matter too much! 🙂


This foundation applies like a dream, it goes on so evenly and smooth and blends out perfectly. For a drug store foundation it is quite impressive to be honest, and because you can choose a specific foundation for you skin type this means that it lasts much longer than other foundations as it works alongside your skin type, whether that be dry or oily! I think that is a good addition to a drug store foundation as you can work with your skin type to ensure the product works better and lasts for longer with you!
This foundation gives a nice medium coverage and is very build able so you can have a higher coverage or use less of the product to have a lighter coverage for those days when I’m having a good skin day! It comes over as a dewy finish I would say but I do powder mine once I have applied it and it does last all day long! Woo! 🙂

Lasting Power:

As this product works with my skintype it lasts on my skin like a dream, this is something I look for in a foundation to ensure I don’t have to touch up or add any more product throughout a working day! No one has time for that! This one lasts extremely well compared to other products that I have used on my skin day-to-day and when I return home it still looks pretty flawless considering I haven’t touched up throughout the day!
The removal of the foundation is incredibly easy too, I cleanse my make-up off with Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and it removes the product quickly and easily which is always something to look for, if something is a challenge to remove then it is an immediate no from me!

Colour Match:

Overall, the colour match for this foundation is okay, however, I do add in some of my Body Shop Lightening Drops to make it match my skin tone better! The one observation I have about the colour I picked up which was the lightest one available is that it is very yellow toned, so for pinky under-toned skin like mine, it can look a bit strange if I don’t lighten up the product! 🙂
However, for a drug-store foundation this one is pretty spot on for a colour match, it isn’t too far out at all!


This foundation, as I have mentioned, gives a nice medium coverage that can be easily built up if you would like to! It stays in place really well and covers up all of your pesky blemishes and any redness you may have and gives you a lovely even base to work with!It blends into the skin quickly and easily with no areas that have been missed or that are uneven! Overall, this foundation is a winner in my eyes!

As you can see, I love this product! Other than it being slightly yellow toned I really love it and it works incredibly well, stays in place all day and doesn’t cause any issues for me at all which is always a benefit!
So there you have it, my review of the Revlon ColourStay 24 Hour Foundation! If you would like to see any other products reviewed then do let me know and I will try and get them done for you! ❤

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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