Beauty Review: Body Shop Lightening Drops

Finding foundations that match your skin-tone, whether you are fair or have darker skin-tone, is a challenge and I think we can all relate to that! Finding a colour that matches you perfectly either from a high end brand or from a drug store brand is difficult and always will be, brands cannot possibly make every single variation of skin tone colourings for foundation and concealers as they would have to fill whole shops with the colours and that would just be crazy!

So, a while ago the Body Shop came out with lightening and darkening drops that you add to your foundation and concealer so you can simply colour match your foundation near enough perfectly to your skin-tone on any specific day. This is a GENIUS idea. I honestly was so thrilled when I saw that these beauties had come out, however, it took me a long time to get a hold of the product as they were flying off the shelves as soon as restocks were happening so I had to be a *tad* patient and that is why this review is slightly late, however, as my Mum always says, better late than sorry! Some of you guys may not have even heard about this product so I wanted to review it so you can see my thoughts and how well it actually works to help solve some major foundation issues for all of mankind! 🙂


The packaging for this product is actually super cute! It comes in a glass bottle with a pipette topper so you can choose how many drops of the product you would like to use. It is compact so you can easily pop this in your travel make-up bag and is easily stored away as it is in a nice bottle shape so it is handy to have! I think the packaging is a winner overall for this product, sometimes the pipette doesn’t work too well so you have to give it a few tries to get more than air bubbles of product coming out but overall, a big thumbs up from me!


The application of this product is very simple and easy. For every one pump of foundation you would normally use you add one drop of the pure white liquid within the bottle to lighten up your foundation! You can also use this as a more natural looking highlight on your face too if you gradually blend it in with circular motions. This is a fool proof method to lighten up any foundation or concealer you may need to colour match slightly better! It blends in perfectly to all types of foundations and really brings the colouration down for you so you can look even more flawless than normal. Winner.

Lasting Power:

This is kinda hard to answer as the product lasts just as long as your normal foundation and concealer would last on your face as you have blended the products together so if your foundation lasts all day long then the lightening drops will do the same, if you need to touch up and powder throughout the day then you will have to do the same with the drops added in also. I have seen no difference to the staying power of my foundations whilst using this product, I can go all day without powdering and it is no difference if I have used a few drops of these drops of heaven either!


The price for these drops is actually super reasonable, they are £10 per bottle, however, they last for such a long time as you’re only using a tiny amount of the product each time so I would say they are an all around winner. They are within budget for people who may be more strapped for cash and are also one that will last for a long time unless you are using a crap tonne of product, in which case it may run out sooner. I have had my bottle since just after Christmas and I still have pretty much the whole thing left and I use it most days! 🙂


The pigmentation in a product such as this is pretty essential to ensure you’re getting what you want from what it says on the tin. This does not let you down. If you put a few drops into your foundation or concealer on the back of your hand you can easily blend it in and have a lightened foundation within seconds. It works like a dream. And, as for a more natural looking highlight, I can assure you that this one works very well. Pop a drop or two on your finger and gently blend over your cheekbones and hey presto! Accentuated cheekbones that you can add a powder highlight over the top to set!

So there you have it, my review of the Body Shop Lightening Drops! If you have tried these before then let me know your thoughts! And if you are wanting to try them but are a bit nervey then I urge you to go to a shop and try them out on your hand and see for yourself. They are a winner in my eyes! 🙂

I love, love, love them! Thank-you, Body Shop, for looking out for us ghostly white people that struggle with colour matches! ❤

Hope you enjoyed this blog, let me know if there are any products you would like me to review next and I will do my best! 🙂

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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