Beauty Review: Benefit Rockateur Blush

So, as you guys know I treated myself to the Benefit Hoola Bronzer a few weeks back and on the same day I decided to splash out on the Benefit Rockateur Blush too! If you haven’t seen my Hoola Bronzer review then you can find it here!
I have been obsessed with Benefit products for a long time and drooled by the stand for even longer, so, to get my hands on two in one day was beyond my wildest dreams and (sadly to some of you) made me feel like I was on the best high of my life!
I ventured into Boots on a sunny Friday afternoon and did not expect to wander out with two products I have longed for in my possession! The girls, as I have said previously, were the nicest people I have met on a beauty stand. They were so welcoming, beyond happy to let me try a wide variety of their products and, best of all, didn’t force anything into my basket and definitely did not force any sales. It was a lovely experience and  just hope all Benefit stands keep up the same standards! 🙂
So, on to the product…


As I said with the Hoola Bronzer, I am not overly excited by the packaging but I don’t really mind it either. It is small, compact and easy to transport which is always a benefit (no pun intended) when you are wanting to transport your make-up around! It has a small compact mirror which you could use if you were in desperate need, however, it is small so you wouldn’t use it to complete your whole face by all means! A quick fix is fine by me though!


This blusher, much like the bronzer, applies like a dream. It suits my skin-tone perfectly and gives me such a beautiful rosey glowy blush on my cheeks. I have a number of pink toned blushes, but this one is gorgeous and so different to the others I own. It is stunning. I was told whilst at the counter that this is one of the best selling blushes in the UK and I can really see why after owning it and using it daily! It is stunning, you can build it up really easily, however, you can use too much pretty easily to make sure you don’t go overboard otherwise you will look like you have sunburn on just your cheek bones which, trust me, is not the best look in the world! 😉

Lasting Power:

As you are paying more you do expect the product to last longer than a typical drug store blush! This one does not disappoint you, it truly lasts all day and looks stunning as well! It doesn’t fade, it doesn’t need reapplication and stays in place all day. I was blown away, I had been told about Benefit products being dreamy but I was pretty shocked at how well it truly did last on me. I apply my make-up for work first thing in the morning and I really don’t like reapplying or touching up throughout the day so this was a dream to have in my make-up collection and I adore it. Dreamy. Honestly. 

Colour Match:

I have said it before and I will happily say it again, I am pretty fair when it comes to  my skin-tone, so when it comes to blush I have to be careful to make sure they aren’t too red toned so I don’t look sun burnt… but this one is the perfect balance between pink and rose blushes, it suits me perfectly and looks like a dream when I wear it. It will suit a wide range of skin-tones and look beautiful too which is always a good thing! If you are thinking of trying it then I urge you too, it will look beautiful I promise you! ❤


As you would expect, the pigmentation of a higher end product should have a better pigmentation than most drug store products and this one does not let you down in that area! You can use a little of this product and have a lovely subtle glow or you can build it up easily to be more of a pigmented blush which is beyond dreamy and looks truly stunning! However, it does have a decent pigment so you need to be careful to not over do it and use only the amount you need as you can easily use too much and look like you have a high temperature which may be attractive to some people but to most you’ll look a bit strange so be sparing!

So there you have it, I am hooked on Benefit and this is going to be extremely dangerous for my bank account but the products are gorgeous and I am honestly in love with them!
If you are thinking of trying this blush then I urge you to go to a counter and get a test of it on your skin tone, it looks so beautiful and will suit a wide range of skin colours so I am sure it will suit you beautifully too!
If you end up trying this blush or have done in the past then please let me know your thoughts and if you love it just as much as I do! 🙂

Talk soon,

Laura xo


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