Beauty Review; Rimmel 9 in 1 BB Cream!

I recently mentioned this BB cream in my ‘Mini Beauty Haul’ blog post and said I would do a review if I enjoyed it, so here it is!
I have been wanting something that I can use through spring and into summer that is lightweight, easy to use and will last all day long as it gets a little warmer, which is hard to find, might I add!
However, I have been eyeing up BB creams for a while and when I saw that Rimmel had some I just had to try one! If you have read any of my other blog posts you will know I love me some Rimmel in my life so I kinda knew this product would have to be complete rubbish and even then I’d maybe still like it… ha!

So, I have been wearing this for the past week or so awhilst I have been at work, I thought this would be the best time to try it out as I do not take any powder to work to touch up during the day and I tend to be running around like a headless chicken to help academics in my job! So, as I do tend to be in warm offices, meeting rooms, walking around campus my make-up goes through some wear and tear.
I also apply my make-up first thing in the morning and wear it all day until I can be bothered enough to remove it so, it has had some decent reviewing over the past week!


Overall, I wouldn’t say the packaging is amazing, however, it is quite easy to store and would be good for your everyday make-up bag or for travelling as it is quite compact packaging which is always a bonus!


The first thing I really liked about this product was how easy it was to apply to the skin and to blend. It applies like a really nice moisturiser and blends in seamlessly, I apply this with my hands as I find it works better than using a brush or beauty sponge.


The coverage of this product is surprisingly good and it is very build-able so if you do want or need more coverage one day you can simply add a little more product, however, I did want something like this for a light weight coverage so I love just one layer and its pretty perfect for me! It evens out my skin-tone, covers up any scars and blemishes you may have and the colour match is pretty spot on too which is amazing!

Lasting Power 

This product, for me, lasts all day long. I do not have to even think about powdering, touching up or wanting to claw my oil slicked make-up off. It is amazing, I am very surprised with the lasting powder of this stuff. Because it is so lightweight if I do get warm my skin can still breathe through the product.
I put my make-up on at about 7am in the morning and tend to remove it at around 8pm in the evenings so I wear it for over 12 hours so it says a lot that I can look at it in the evening and think it still looks pretty good and hasn’t creased around my mouth, under my eyes or on my frown lines (I frown when I think. Sorry not sorry).
So, if you are wanting a long lasting lightweight product to use as it heads into the summer months then try this one out!

Colour Match

As with most Rimmel products my skin-tone does get matched pretty perfectly, so this BB cream was no exception! The one I am using is in ‘Very Fair’ which is a huge benefit to me as I am related to the ghost of Christmas past so… I am very pale!
This product matches my skin extremely well and blends seamlessly into my skin so this is an overall winner!

So there you have it guys, my review on the Rimmel BB Cream! I am in love I am not going to lie, I feel like I will be grabbing this product a lot during the warmer months as well as into winter! Some days you want to feel like you’re wearing minimal make-up and this is just the product!

Love, love, love! ❤

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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