Music is Food for the Soul!

When it comes to music I find it really help’s to brighten your mood, no matter how down you may be, or how rubbish a day at work has been, dancing and singing around your room, flat, or house can seriously make the day feel 100% better!
This post is going to cover a variety of songs that I love to sing into my hairbrush, make up dance routines and generally brighten my evenings if the day has been a little less than kind to me!

Carly Rae Jepsen- Tonight I’m Getting Over You

This is a typical pop song that is all about a someone moving on from a relationship that isn’t the best for them, and it really is a song that speaks to you about a certain time in your life!
If you are getting over someone, or need to, or just generally fancy having a boogey then give this song a go! It’s so upbeat and cleaning your flat or room to a song like this definitely makes the time go a hell of a lot quicker!

Fall Out Boy- Sugar We’re Going Down

This song takes me back to dancing around, ridiculously drunk with my housemate’s in various clubs in Sheffield. It brings back so many memories and I honestly love it. I have loved Fall Out Boy for years and this song is a highlight of my teenage and university years. Go and listen if you haven’t already, I am known to dance around to this on a pretty much daily basis and I have absolutely no shame in saying so!

Madeon- You’re On

If you have not listened to anything by Madeon then you truly must be mad…-eon. (haha sorry, had to!). Their music is so upbeat and easy to listen to and reminds me so much of Summer 2015, although this wasn’t the most cheerful time of my life one of my very good friend introduced me to the album with this song nestled in and I fell in love with it! It perks me up all the time and the album is truly amazing. It’s called Adventure if you’re at all interested!

Armin Van Buuren- This is What it Feels Like

In the Winter of 2014 I had a mix made for me of a range of Trance music, and the hidden gem within this mix was by the ever amazing Armin. I adore Armin. My one dream in life would be to see him live and just lose myself and feel all of the emotions under the sun in his presence. I would probably die on the spot, or wet myself, either one… But this song really takes me back to my commute into work and how it pumped me up for the day! Listen to it live from Tomorrowland… honestly. Dreamy.

Flo Rider- Low

Tacky as hell, I know, and a real blast from the past, but this song reminds me so much of summer time with my best friends from home, driving around country lanes and, classically, 18th birthday parties from back in the day. This song is a classic, and, I know for a fact if you were out clubbing you would try and get as low as possible and show off your apple bottom jeans…

Enrique Inglesias-  Escape

If you haven’t put this tune on whilst you’re driving or whilst you’re in your home then I honestly do not know where you have been! It’s a classic and, yes, I do act out the lyrics and, yes, I do try and go as high pitched as good old Enrique. This is a blast from my younger years that has followed me through high school, university and now into my cleaning routine in my own flat. It’s beaut. Go listen. Go on..

Rupert Holmes- Escape (Pina Colada Song)

Everyone knows this song because of the Pina Colada reference, and again, if you don’t then where have you been?! It’s a classic song and I love singing along and dancing like a loon both by myself, and requesting it at various events so everyone else can see me sing every word and love my life to the fullest! Go listen if you haven’t already, it’s so upbeat and cheers me up no end!

Roosted Root- Send Me on My Way

This song is famously in the film Matilda, so from a young age I knew and loved it as that film was pretty much on repeat for me and my siblings from a very young age, much to the delight of my parents I’m sure! It so cheerful, upbeat and easy to listen to, also, I don’t really know anyone who knows all of the lyrics so if you do then please let me know and me and my friends tend to just make noise that sounds similar rather than singing the actual lyrics!  It is a very good song, if you haven’t listened to it, off you pop!

Alesso vs OneRepublic -If I Lose Myself 

If you like dancing and losing yourself in transports you into a club then this is the one for you. Alesso is partnered in the music so it is extremely dance worthy and I honestly love this song so much. I know the words and I love breaking down to this as I tidy around my flat or if I’m walking through town, although the need to dance sometimes get’s too much in public places so I have to turn it off! Ha! It is a very good tune though, if you haven’t listened to it then you need to!

Ariana Grande- Break Free

 This song reminds me so much of my sister, and so in turn, makes me incredibly happy. Even she would say that my singing ability to this song are top class (ha, she wouldn’t), but it reminds me of driving around, having fun and giggling so much with my big sis that I can’t help but love it! I dance to this a lot, and tend to send videos to my sister so she can appreciate the joy too! Ha! It’s extremely upbeat, a typical pop song and very easy to sing along and dance to. Not gonna lie, I am pretty much Ariana Grande when I am alone in my flat in an extremely good disguise 😉

So there you have it, 10 songs that perk me up after a not so perfect day! If you guys take a listen then let me know, as well as letting me know what songs perk you up!

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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