YouTube Adventure!

So, as I have this blog I thought it would be a great idea (kill me) to create a YouTube channel…

In all honesty, this idea terrifies me. I don’t like too much attention, however, it will be full of things that make me happy and I really think it’ll be lovely for me to look back at the videos and see how I have changed in a years time, or two years and so on.
I mean, don’t get me wrong there is only one video up there but you never know, you may like it!

My channel is lauraannexo if you’re at all interested, I will be adding things to do with makeup, tutorials and random challenge and question videos! 

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

I know that I won’t be the next Zoella but I would quite like to keep up with both my blog, and in turn, a YouTube channel. I am loving both so far so let me know if you pop over and take a look at my ridiculous YouTube video! It’s cringey and horrible but hopefully I will improve in time!


Talk soon,

Laura xo

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