Favourite Drugstore Foundations!

As a makeup lover I have tried a number of foundations over the years and these are the ones I return to time and time again… They are dreamy, so affordable and blend beautifully onto the skin!
So, without further ado, I will take you through the 4 foundations I return to time and time again from the drugstore!

Rimmel ~ Wake Me Up

If you have not tried this foundation then off you pop to Boots or Superdrug and pick some up! It really does what it says on the packet, it wakes up my skin instantaneously and leaves me with such a healthy glow! I would say its a medium to full coverage foundation and you can build it up to be a higher coverage if you want to!
It has a shimmer in the formula itself so it really makes your skin look radiant, and, it comes in a wide range of colourings so you should be able to find one that suits you! Luckily, they go rather pale so I can keep on being Caspar’s sister without diving into the world of fake tan…
It retails at around £8 which is an absolute steal, they also have a concealer in this range but I don’t love that as much as I love the foundation!


Rimmel ~ Lasting Finish

This is a relatively high coverage foundation, however, it doesn’t look too heavy on the skin and doesn’t cake up like other high coverage foundations I have tried! It blends beautifully onto the skin and the colour match is super dreamy! Rimmel have a great range of skin tones if you are struggling to find one that suits you, try them out if you haven’t already!
This foundation retails at a similar price to the Wake Me Up at £8, it is super affordable and if you are careful with the amount you use it can last you for a hella long time! I love this foundation and I recommend it to all of my friends and family, however, if you really don’t like a full coverage then you’d better stay away as it is quite a high coverage foundation!


Rimmel ~ Match Perfection

As you can see, I’m a Rimmel lover… But this foundation is pretty much identical to the Lasting Perfection, minus the fact it is a much lighter coverage! This is perfect to wear on those days when you don’t want to wear a full coverage foundation, or you can wear it daily to have a more natural appearance! You can build this foundation up to be a higher coverage, however, I love it as a lighter formula!
It blends seamlessly into the skin, and exactly like the other Rimmel foundations, the colour match is an absolute winner! Rimmel just seem to have their game face on with colourings these days! This retails at around £8, so once again it is very affordable and lasts for a long time if you don’t use too much!


Bourjois ~ Healthy Mix

This foundation is b-e-a-utiful! It smells gorgeous, not that you look for that initially with foundation.. but it does smell amazing! It’s so fruity and smooth, blends beautifully onto the skin and gives the most healthy glow to your skin! This is a super dewy foundation, if you prefer matte finishes then this one may not be for you! However, you can powder and it removes the dewiness, obviously!
The only downside to this foundation would be that they are very yellow toned in their colourings, so for people like me it makes it a slight nightmare as I have pinky undertones, however, I simply mix it with some lightening drops from The Body Shop and this sorts it right out, or simply mix a lighter foundation in and that also works! This retails at around £10 so its slightly more expensive, but it lasts a long time and really is gorgeous on the skin!


L’Oreal ~ True Match

Shock horror, it isn’t a Rimmel product! This one, however, has been a trusty favourite of mine for yeaaars and for very good reason too! It is a nice matte finish on my skin, lasts all day long and the colour match, as suggested in its name, is pretty good! I would say it isn’t as good as the Rimmel foundations I have mentioned previously, however, it is still pretty good!
It is a light to medium coverage, it blends beautifully onto the skin and lasts really well! It is quite build-able too so you can make it a higher coverage if you so wish! This retails at around £8 so pretty much the same pricing as the Rimmel products and is just as good quality too! If you haven’t tried this out then I would suggest you pop off and try some!


L’Oreal ~ Infallible 24 Hour 

If you like the L’Oreal True Match then you will love this foundation too! The colour match for this, weirdly, for my skin is much better! It has a wide range of colourings for a number of skin tones, and more importantly, it is essentially a higher coverage of the True Match formula which is utter perfection!
It blends so well onto the skin, looks super natural and is super high coverage which I adore from foundations! I like a lighter coverage every now and again, however, most of the time I like a higher coverage from my foundations and this one blends like a dream, matches my skintone perfectly and lasts all night long without needing crazy amounts of powder! It has a pretty matte finish so you will need some nice highlighter to offset the matte coverage but it really is dreamy! This retails at around £8 so its super affordable!


So there you have it, my top drugstore foundations that I return to time and time again and still love years later! They are all great and the vary from high coverage to medium to light coverage so I’m sure you can find one in here that you will love just as much as I do!

If you have tried any of these, or have any other recommendations then please do let me know! I love discovering new makeup, if you haven’t already noticed, so please do leave me some comments about your favourites!

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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