My Night-time Skincare Routine!

I will be very honest guys, a skincare routine has not been a part of my life until very recently, purely because I am quite lazy and just went for ease rather than effort. Laaaazy, I know. Please don’t shout at me!
Until recently I simply removed my makeup with a makeup wipe and threw on some basic moisturiser and was rather impressed with myself, not gonna lie, but I have recently started cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising, so, I will take you through my simple skincare routine for the evenings!

This is a simple and easy way to make sure your skin is nice and clean, dead skin cells are removed and you’re all moisturised ready for the evening of sleep and relaxation!
This is a very simple routine, so don’t go judging that I don’t use acid toners, serums and crazy stuff on my face as I am an average girl who can’t afford too much skincare and I am also normal in the sense that I really cannot be bothered right now! Ha!

Step One;
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish:
This product is honestly amazing, I have fallen in love and I will be rebuying this after I have run out! It is slightly on the pricey side (in my opinion) but it lasts for a super long time and really does the job well!
It is super easy to use as well, you simply add one, two or even three pumps onto your fingers, massage it all over your face (don’t add water before it isn’t needed) and you can see your makeup melting away and all of the dirt and grime from the day is removed in a few seconds. Once you have massaged it all over and you are satisfied you simply run the muslin cloth that accompanies the product underneath the hot tap and the wipe away all of the product that is on your face. The muslin cloth acts as a gentle exfoliator whilst the hot water open your pores to allow dirt and grime to be removed and the cleanser itself softens and treats your skin to the dreamiest makeup removal EVER! Beautiful. If you haven’t tried this product then I urge you to, it really is amazing and I will be using it for a long time to come!


Step Two:
Neutrogena Visibly Clear Daily Wash and Scrub~ Pink Grapefruit.
This stuff is amazing. Truly. It is so refreshing, I use this both day and night and it honestly makes me feel so fresh, awake and clean. It is lovely. I use it straight after I have cleansed my face so it is still damp, however, you simply just add some cold water to your face, add some product to your hands and massage it all over your face for as long as you see fit and then act like one of those skincare adverts where they splash water all over their face. To be honest, I can never re-enact it like they can and I just end up looking like a drowned rat and life just isn’t fair in that sense!
Anyway, the product is amazing,  leaves my skin feeling incredibly fresh, clean and so, so soft! It is a lovely product and is so affordable too! If you want a new daily face wash then give this a whirl!


Step Three:
Olay Night Moisturising

I had never used a night time moisturiser until one of my friends stared at me in horror when I said I didn’t so I kinda felt obliged to buy this one, however, I don’t regret it at all! It is a nice, thick moisturising cream that feels heavenly on the skin! It makes my skin feel so soft and healthy and I won’t look back to normal moisturisers at night time after this little beauty came into my life!

IMG_1043 (1)

So there you have it guys, my extremely simple night time skincare routine! Three simple steps that do all you need to do in the evenings to clean, cleanse and moisturise your skin! If you use any products that are different, or if you have any that are good dupes then please let me know so I can try new things out!

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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