I’m the Jungle VIP.

Back in February I was invited by my boyfriend and his parents to a day trip to Chester Zoo, this was an amazing day out, however, there are some things I wasn’t to keen on! So come along and hear all about my trip to the zoo and how I made friends with some bats..

So we headed off on sunny yet freezing cold day to Chester, it was a relatively long journey but the hype of seeing my first elephant was enough to pull me through! I was extremely excited to visit Chester Zoo as I had been watching the Channel Four documentary following the zoo, its animals and their day-to-day workings, it may still be available on 4OD if you haven’t seen it!
So, after watching this documentary and seeing all of the cute animals I was heading to Chester with a sense of excitement and wonderment, however, when we arrived a lot of this disappeared. It seems TV shows are very good at feigning how big the enclosures were.. it made me quite upset from the get go if I’m honest. I understand that zoo’s cannot replicate the animals natural habitats as well as the space they would get in the wild, however, some of the enclosures were ridiculous in my opinion and simply upsetting to look at…

However, I did really enjoy seeing some animals to which I have never seen before and the walk around the zoo was actually really nice as well, it was very tranquil as we went on an off peak day so there weren’t too many screaming children and we could easily get up to enclosures without having to queue or waiting for budding photographers to take 5000 photos of a leaf next to the animal’s head rather than the actual animal.. *sigh*
Overall I really enjoyed my day there, it was gorgeous weather and wandering around and seeing so many animals was truly lovely! It really made me want to go on safari in the future, I know I would adore that much more but I did enjoy the experience overall!

There are some snaps of my day out, I think I got some pretty amazing photos if I’m honest although the quality was poor thanks to my iPhone so I am sorry about that but hopefully you will enjoy them anyway!

If you have been to Chester Zoo the  let me know, and if you’re planning on going in the future then enjoy and make sure to share your memories too!

Talk soon,

Laura xo


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