Laura’s Perfumery.

Perfume, much like make-up, has been an obsession of mine since I was very young…
I can remember sneaking into my Mum, Nana and Aunties bedrooms and bathrooms when I was younger and marvelling over the beautiful bottles, scents that were so familiar from their hugs and splendour of a range of perfume bottles arranged on their dressing tables… It was like sneaking into a part of their life, something they found so precious they kept it hidden away in their rooms and displayed so proudly on their bed stand, dresser or shelf. Easily found and used on special occasions, or daily if it was a true love affair…

Perfume has been something I have wanted a collection of for many years, I have always loved wandering into department stores and browsing the perfume aisles, this has been a true obsession of mine and I truly feel so calm when I am surrounded by stunning bottles, beautifully lit shelves and walking into clouds of gorgeous scents from both male and female sections.

Recently, as it has been Christmas and my birthday I have collected a range of perfumes, both high end and high street. This is my absolute dream and I finally have a collection I am proud of! Some people may look at this and think ‘That’s nothing! I have more than that!’ Great! Tell me which you have and I can go and splendour at them and maybe even treat myself in the future! I love sharing perfume and make-up recommendations so please let me know yours!


Dolce and Gabbana- The One

Quite and indulgent scent, it can be quite heavy if you use too much but it really is beautiful! To me it smells quite musky and decadent, it really is a lovely scent and I was so happy to finally get my hands on this over Christmas! It is a pricey perfume, the size I splashed out on was £70 but it really is worth it and you need only use a tiny amount!

Dolce and Gabbana- Light Blue

I was treated to this lovely little scent for my birthday this month. It is a lovely fresh scent, it reminds me a lot of the sea if I’m honest! It will be perfect heading into Spring and Summer as it is a beautiful light scent that is very delicate. If you use too much you can start feeling slightly like Ariel but if you go light handed it truly is gorgeous! I got this in a gift set that retails at around £50 so slightly cheaper but still pricey!

Paco Rabane- Olympea

This was a surprise gift off my wonderful boyfriend for my Christmas gift. He wears Invictus which is the male version of this scent and I have always been obsessed with his, and when I tried this in Boots in the Summer I fell in love. It is a gorgeous scent that can be used for both day and night wearing! It is a sweet scent that is very distinctive. I am obsessed. The bottle I have retails at around £40, you can get larger ones and smaller ones and the price fluctuates depending on the size!

Hugo Boss- Orange

I just about die inside everytime I smell this perfume, it is gorgeous and has been my favourite for a long time now! It is fruity, fresh, sweet and easy to wear. This is a gorgeous scent and if you haven’t smelt it before I urge you to! This retails at around £30 but can be more or less expensive depending on what size bottle you have!

Hugo Boss- Orange Sunset

Very similar to the scent described above but I would say this one has more of a richness to it. It is more distinctive in its scent and can be more of an evening perfume rather than a day to day scent! It is stunning though, if you already like Orange then pop along and hunt this one down! It retails at the same prices as Orange as above so around £30

Lacoste- Touch of Pink

A blast from my early teens with this scent and ever since I was first bought a bottle in Spain on a family holiday I have loved this scent. It is quite a light scent but so wearable and it can be worn both day and night! I am pretty obsessed with this one and when I was bought a new bottle for my birthday I was thrilled! It always reminds me of Summer holidays thanks to when my love affair began! This comes in at around £30-£50 depending on the sizing and whether it is a gift set also!

Ted Baker- Floral

I was given this scent a while ago by my mum, it is a very flowery heavy scent, especially if you use too much! However, in small doses this perfume is really lovely and I love to wear it heading into spring with some nice waves in my hair, a summery dress and maybe even some sunglasses! It’s lovely for heading into Spring, if you enjoy floral scents then this one is definitely for you! I have no idea of the retail price unfortunately, but I’m sure it will be around £15. They do not stock this perfume anymore, however, I’m sure you will be able to find one very similar if you enjoy the floral scents!

Beyonce- Heat

This was a birthday present from my boyfriends family, and I’ll be the first to admit I have avoided celebrity branded perfumes in the past due to them normally being quite sweet or cheap smelling, however, I was utterly surprised to discover that this scent is gorgeous and so wearable! I love it so much, I got it in a gift set and I have been wearing it a lot throughout the month of March! It is a very warming scent, it has a sweetness to it but is incredibly wearable. I think this retails for around £20-£30.

Next- Define

I have been using this perfume since I was around 14 and it has been my signature scent ever since. I re-buy it time and time again, it is a gorgeous delicate scent that is truly so wearable. You can’t go overboard with this scent and I honestly adore it. You can get it from any Next high-street store, online and from their directories and it retails for around £12 so it is incredibly affordable and I must have had over 20 bottles since I was 14! I love it!

Next- Cashmere

This is an extremely affordable and gorgeous scent! It is a very warming scent, easy to wear for both day and night and retails at £8 which is dreamy in itself! I have a number of Next perfumes and this closely rivals Define as one of my favourites. Perfumes from Next are so affordable and truly gorgeous! If you haven’t tried any as of yet then I urge you to go and test them out, they are faultless!

Next- Floral Bloom

I was kindly gifted this gorgeous scent by my best friend for my birthday and it quickly became a favourite! It is similar to the Ted Baker in the sense that it does have a floral scent, however, it isn’t as intense and has more of a sweetness to it rather than pure floral scents so it is extremely wearable. This retails at around £10 and it really is beautiful, perfect for heading into Spring and Summer!

Next- Just Pink

I was given a gift set of three scents from this range, one is sweet, one is more floral and the other is a very fresh scent. They are all extremely similar as they are all from the same range but they are all extremely wearable and smell beautiful! If you have tried any of the scents from Next then please do! This gift set retails at £12 but you can get an individual bottle of Just Pink for around £8.


So there you have it, my relatively small to some people but my perfect perfume collection. I genuinely adore all of the scents I have collected and been gifted and if you have any, or go out and try some then let me know! They are all lovely in my eyes!

If you have any recommendations then let me know in the comments and I will be sure to try them out!

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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