Top 10 ‘Drug-Store’ Must Haves

As an intern, paying rent, bills and taking care of myself I have to keep my one true love and passion of makeup to a realistic value, which means browsing through Superdrug or Boots on a daily (sad I know) basis to simply take in the beauty and splendor of makeup, brushes, palettes and skincare. I can happily admit that I am pretty obsessed with makeup and skincare, however, I have never seen that as a bad thing.
Everyone has a passion, something they enjoy more than anything and something they can’t be without. My passion behind makeup isn’t an unhealthy one, I can happily walk around with no makeup on. I can go into public and see my friends, family and boyfriend and be completely bare faced. I just love what you can create with makeup, the creative freedom you have and how you can create a stunning makeup look from cheaper drugstore brands rather than breaking the bank on MAC, Nars or YSL makeup.

I watch a lot of makeup/beauty vloggers, read a lot of blogs to do with makeup and skincare, and I’m not being funny, but no one in their right mind would spend over £7o on a skin serum or moisturizer unless they had crazy amounts of money to spend, which most of these beauty ‘gurus’ do have. I am on a normal budget, I can’t spend ridiculous amounts on my makeup and I don’t feel enough people are realistic with this.

Simple ~ Daily Moisturizer. 

Simple is a cheap and cheerful brand that is actually pretty amazing. It looks after your skin amazingly well, and with no added perfumes or strange extras you know that your skin is getting what it needs without added pinches of donkey testicle to bump up the price to £80. This moisturiser is amazing as it also contains Glycerin. This is a magical addition to moisturisers that can act as a primer, boom, two-in-one product right there! You pop on the moisturiser as normal, and keep on working it into the skin until it feels slightly tacky. That is the magical workings of glycerin. It essentially does the job of a primer by helping your makeup stay put all day long and you need minimal powder as an added bonus. I honestly swear by this product, it works amazingly as a hydration product for the skin as well as a bloody brilliant primer. If you haven’t tried this trick, run along and grab a bottle for the small price of £4 next time you’re in Boots or Superdrug.

Rimmel ~ Wake Me Up Foundation. 

I cannot go a week without using this product. I am OBSESSED. It is the most beautiful foundation I have ever used, well, so far anyway. It is a medium to full coverage foundation, blends beautifully even with just your hands and stays put all day long. It is a great colour match to my skin, and as my dad must’ve been Caspar the friendly ghost this is a shocker situation, and it has a slight shimmer in the product to really up the amp of your skin and add vibrancy and glow straight from the bottle. If you haven’t tried this foundation I urge you to. It is around £8 a bottle but lasts for at least 6-8 weeks. It is stunning, doesn’t create too much oiliness on my skin and it happily stays in place all day, and may I add, makes me look pretty flawless. Winner!

Revolution ~ Vivid Baked Highlighters. 

Since drooling over the Becca- Champagne Pop highlighter I have been frantically searching for a more affordable alternative to give me a fabulous glow and make me look like a Unicorn has just licked my face. I have found it. For the low price of £3 I urge you to RUN and pick one of these up. They are stunning. Honestly stunning. This highlighter is a daily must have. I literally cannot get enough of it. A tiny amount goes a long way so do be careful, but it is honestly stunning. It gives such a gorgeous glow and you can honestly stand and stare at your cheekbones for hours because they are that perfectly accentuated.

Seventeen ~ 3-in-one Primer and Highlighter. 

For a long time beauty bloggers and vloggers have been raving about the Nars- Copacabana highlighter fluid. I hated all of those people for continuously suggesting a product I could only dream of owning, until I discovered this little gem. For around £6 you can be the proud owner of this beautiful highlighter, that can be used in three ways. You can use it as a primer, you can add some to your foundation for a bit more of a natural glow or you can pop it on as a fluid once your foundation is on. This product works incredibly well in all three ways. It is a lovely natural shimmer compared to the Revolution highlighter mentioned above. It gives a subtle shimmer that looks stunning in all light, looks incredibly natural and is honestly so affordable. I am obsessed and I’m sure you will be too when you buy some!

Maybelline ~ The Falsies. 

Everyone and their mum talks about this mascara but it is honestly stunning and so nice to wear. I am one of those girls who can never be bothered to actually wear false eyelashes, be that on a night out or day to day. They slip and slide around my eyelid, are always too far away from my natural lash line and, honestly, annoy the hell out of me when I’m wearing them. However, when I discovered this mascara all of my woes floated away in a blissful dream. This mascara gives me intense black eyelashes, separation, length and volume all in one swipe of the wand that must belong to fairies. This mascara is around £8 and honestly gives you everything it says on the packaging. If you haven’t tried it and are searching for another must-have mascara then pick this one up. You wont be disappointed!

Collection ~ Lasting Perfection Concealer. 

Once again, everyone and their mum talks about this concealer but when I first heard about it I was extremely skeptical. I was thinking because it was so cheap it would be watery, wouldn’t cover a blemish to save its life and would wear off quickly or feel ‘cakey’ on my face. Oh how wrong I was. This concealer is a dream. It has such high coverage, blends like butter and is such an amazing colour match for my skintone, which as I’ve said, is extremely hard to find being as white as a sheet! It is around £4 for a tube and it lasts for such a long time. It is so affordable and just as good as some of the ‘high end’ makeup brands I have tried from my friends, if not better! Go try it. You won’t look back.

Soap and Glory ~ Solar Powder. 

Bronzer is always a touchy subject when it comes to me as, because I have such fair skin, a lot of them are so warm toned they simply look like an orange stripe on my face. Yep. Thanks, World. So, when I found this bronzer I was blown away. It is beautiful. It is a duo tone bronzing powder which is beautifully cool toned (cue the heavenly sound of bells) and blends beautifully. This gives a lovely natural bronzed look that can also be used for a natural looking ‘contour’ on your cheekbones and temples. I love this bronzer, I have tried many since I discovered this gem and none have been the same. None have made my heatt sing as much. This is more on the pricey side at £11 but it does last a very, very long time and honestly, it is stunning.

Revlon ~ Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie. 

If you are wanting a lip product that can be worn as a more subtle colour or be built up to be more intense that also provides incredible moisture then look no further. These lip butters are the dream. The colour pay off is just stunning, they are so easy and simple to apply and are delicious to wear. They are extremely moisturising and can be either a slight hint of colour or be built up to be a stunning pop of colour. This range has a wide variety of colours from nudes to vibrant colours to deeper more wintery shades. There truly is a colour for everyone, so pop along to your local drugstore and try some swatches on your hand. They are lovely. They are around £6 and are so worth the money. They are an essential in my makeup bag for any occassion from day-to-day to a date night. Go wild for these like I did and I now have 6 shades from nude to more vibrant colours. Winner.

Maybelline ~ Master Precise Eyeliner.

Like the vast majority of girls I know I am pretty useless at applying liquid eyeline from one of those ridiculous pots with a brush. Nope. No thank-you. I end up with it everywhere, I open my eye too quick so it imprints on my eyelids and then I have to suffer with it being wonky and never being able to even it out and ending up like a panda. Just no. But then this stunning little thing came into my life. A felt-tip pen eyeliner. This is not groundbreaking and I have been using it for years but I honestly can’t get enough. You can make such a precise, fine line with a stunning winged liner. It is so easy to use and it so easy to clean up if you do make any mishaps along the way, because lets be honest, we all make mistakes every now and again! Its around £7 and lasts for AGES. Honestly lasts for so long, it takes a very, very long time to dry out and even then you can still use it (even though it may be slightly grey, but hey, be a trend setter!). If you haven’t tried this then you really have to if you love a winged liner as much as I do!

Real Techniques ~ Buffing Brush. 

I have to mention a makeup tool in this drugstore must haves. This brush is beautiful, it blends foundation like a dream and is so easy to clean. This is a really affordable brush for people on a budget, like myself, it is a little more pricey than some of the makeup products I have mentioned however! It is around £12 for this brush, however, if you take care of it, wash it and love it they can last for years. I have had mine for about two years now and it’s still just as good as when I first bought it. If you can get your hands on ANY Real Techniques brushes then please do. All of my makeup brushes are Real Techniques minus two or three of them and I couldn’t live without them!.

So there you have it, 10 of my must have beauty products and tools all from the drugstore and all extremely affordable! If you have tried any of these products or have any you think I should try then please let me know! I am always willing to add to my ever expanding makeup collection!

Talk soon,

Laura xo


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