My First Trance Experience…

I love all kinds of music, and trance music has been something I have been loving for a long while. I have always dreamt of being lost in a big crowd, getting lost in music and forgetting everything outside of the room. My first experience of  a trance gig in Leeds did not disappoint me.
I went to an event called Digital Society in Leeds O2 Academy with my boyfriend and I wasn’t quite prepared for how nervous I would be when I first arrived, a few cocktails before hand did take the edge off I have to say! But the crowd was amazing, the noise was immense and I honestly loved it so much.

We saw some of our favourite DJs that night, including Gareth Emery. He was an absolute dream to watch. He did an hour and a half set and it honestly felt like 10 minutes. I adored the whole evening but he was definitely a highlight to me, he was absolutely incredible and the crowd loved him. Everyone was in such high energy and enjoying every moment of the music.

I would definitely go again to a gig like this, however, I would advise you prepare yourself for being incredibly tired and achey the next day! All that jumping and dancing really takes it toll, unless I’m just getting too old at my ripe age of 22 to party all night! Haha!

This experience was such a special one, and one I will keep with me for years to come. I shared such a magical night with my favourite guy and it was pretty perfect, minus nearly being sick on a few times by people who clearly went a tad too hard with the partying!


If you’re going to any cool gigs soon then let me know!

Talk soon,

Laura xo

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