I think we sometimes get so wrapped up in our jobs, relationships, homes and family that we forget to look at some of our achievements and feel a sense of pride for what we have accomplished and think to ourselves ‘I am proud of myself, I achieved something pretty amazing!’

Whether the achievements are incredibly small to others around us, I think it is extremely important to feel a sense of pride in ourselves. This is something small but something that can make a huge difference to our own self worth. Here I will list some things I am proud of, some personal achievements that I carry with me and need to remind myself of more frequently.


From a young age I was always told by my teachers that I would not make it past my GCSEs, that A Levels weren’t an option for me and that University seemed laughable. I was determined to follow in my families footsteps and prove people wrong from a young age. I can’t lie, it was hard to keep myself motivated. To tell myself day-to-day that I could achieve just as well as others, I could do my A Levels and I could attend University if that was the path I wanted. Turns out I did prove them wrong. I attended University and gained a 2:1 degree in BA Hons Education Studies. I even came top of my module group in my second year. This achievement was a huge one, not just for me but for my family too. They had supported me from day one and this was my way of thanking them. For saying ‘I knew I could and so did you.’

Memories of 201415 052

Just before I walked the stage of my Graduation Ceremony and received a prize for my academic achievement!


Moving away from home was a huge achievement. The fact that I have lived in my flat for nearly a year and I have successfully paid rent, bills, fed myself, washed, cleaned and haven’t burnt the place down yet is definitely something to celebrate! I think me moving away from home as quickly as I did due to work commitments enabled me to move and not really think about how much of a huge step it was until I was watching my parents bring my belongings into a flat that was now mine (well, rented but still), I was going to sleep, eat, wash and watch TV in this place. Unbeknownst to me I would have the hardest year of my life in this flat. But this flat still holds some amazing memories. I have been through a lot and achieved so much whilst living in this flat. This has been my first home and I will cherish it for a while longer before moving onto bigger and better things!

Memories of 201415 670

The snowy day in January 2015 that changed my world and forced me into my beautiful flat…


Sounds ridiculous but I am incredibly proud of the fact that since I left university as a brand new graduate I have only been unemployed for a grand total of 6 weeks. I went straight into a full time retail job as soon as I moved back home to Northumberland and then accepted a job in Sheffield working in the University. This is something I am and will continue to be incredibly proud of. The statistics of graduates going straight into full time employment of any kind and maintaining this straight after leaving university is ridiculously low, but I am one of the few who hasn’t had to deal with this, well, not as of yet anyway! Although it isn’t the best paid job, or the most important role in the world I have met some of my best friends from being in employment and I enjoy going to work. How many of you can say that, huh? Some days are rubbish, yes. But I mostly love what I do, I am passionate about it and I am looking to find a full time permanent job in this role rather than being an intern for much longer! But still, I am proud of it.


My job gives me such amazing opportunities like being apart of conferences such as this one. I love my job. 


Although this might not seem like the most common sense of bravery to everyone, I feel what I am about to say is one and continues to be one of my bravest moments.

Asking for help.

This seems so small, but it is so important. I am incredibly proud of myself for knowing when I need to ask for help and also being fully aware of the fact that I can’t possibly do everything completely alone. This is something that I needed to put into action a lot in 2015 after moving away from home, being away from family and going through pretty much every personal struggle you can encounter, whilst being in a flat by myself and being isolated from my loved ones. I finally did and I wouldn’t look back. It is essential to know when to ask for help, as well as knowing its a sign of bravery to do so.


An art installation that sums up me finding my light again through all of the fog and darkness I had felt for so long. Bravery. 

So there you have it, four things that may seem very minor to some but are huge achievements for me! I am forever proud of how far I have come in my 22 years and I cannot wait to see where I go in this next year and the years to follow.

I will be updating this list as I go I am sure as I will continue to acknowledge and be extremely proud of my achievements, no matter how big or small.

Talk soon,

Laura xo



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